Spring Hope

Masonite Plant Demolition

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In 1998, International Paper closed this Masonite plant in Spring Hope. For over ten years, the plant and the 225 acre plot of land it sat on remained undisturbed. In August of 2009, NC Earthworks was contracted to demolish the factory and clear the land of debris.

Amongst the remains of the plant were various production machines, from conveyors, furnaces, and boilers, to an industrial press, equipped with 9 5-inch press plates, weighing in excess of a million pounds. The building itself was over 212,000 square feet, measuring upwards to 60 feet in height. Also on site were 4 water tanks, as much as 40 feet in height.

On August 12, 2009, a four man crew arrived on site to begin the demolition, with a deadline of January 29, 2010 to remove the plant and the outlying debris. The job was completed on December 4, 2009, almost two months ahead of schedule.